Aroma All Purpose Seasoned Flour (3kg) – For Food Service

    • Eggless Coating
    • 2 Hours Crispness
    • Sustainable Natural Flavor

    Suitable for:
    Fried Chicken Rice, Fried Chicken Nasi Lemak, Fried Chicken Burger, Fried Chicken Chop.

    Wheat Flour, Starch, Salt, Spices, Seasonings and Baking Powder.

    1kg of Aroma Crispy Flour can fry 4 medium sized chickens.

    3 Easy Step:
    1. Marinate 1kg Chicken for 30 minutes with 60mg of Aroma Crispy Flour and 120ml of water.
    2. Coat the chicken again with dry Aroma Crispy Chicken.
    3. Deep-fry in hot oil at 170 degrees celsius for 11 minutes until golden brown in colour.

    Packing Details:
    Barcode :
    Packing : 3kg x 7 packs/ctn
    Product Dimension : 21cm(W)x 43cm(H)x 6cm(D)
    Carton Measurement : 500 x 350 x 190mm
    Cbm : 0.033
    20 ft : ± 860 cartons
    Shelf Life : 24 months

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